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    A luxury selection of seasonal french cheese and saucisson, accompanied by perfectly matched dried fruits, nuts and honey. Delivered to your door, with a beautiful golden platter and festive ornaments and our simple guide to building your own stunning Christmas cheese platter. Make Christmas extra special this year.
    What’s inside
    A luxury selection of seasonal French Cheese & SaucisXson
    Perfectly matched dried fruit, nuts & preserves
    Festive Ornaments
    A gold serving platter
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    Mont D’or
    A type of vacherin cheese and ripened in its wooden boxes. To facilitate transport. It comes from the frontier between France and Switzerland
    It’s season is between August to March – available to consume between September and May. Most common during Christmas.
    We recommend to try with fresh bread and/or baked.
    Perfectly matched with fruity red wine , such as Pinot Noir d’Alsace , de Savoie or Bourgogne.  White wine Arbois Blanc, Côtes du Jura Blanc, Beaujolais Blanc and Chablis.
    Fourme d’Ambert
    French bleu cheese, with a creamy and smooth interior. Very rich and mellow nutty texture. France’s oldest cheeses, made from unpasteurised cow’s milk in the region of Auvergne. To consume preferably from June to December (autumnal flavours of walnuts, hazelnuts and almonds). Can be served with fruit jam (apricots, plums for example) and it matches perfectly with sweet white wines, such as Coteaux-du-Layonfor, or Red Banyuld Grand Cru or Porto.
    Tomme Truffles
    Tomme Truffles is a special cheese that brings an original touch, it iOS creamy and delicately aromatic, embellished with truffles which give it a particularly tasty fragrance. Will undoubtedly bring a gourmet touch and originality to all your cheese platters and appetisers and will delight your guests.
    It is made in region of Savoie in France and only available during winter.
    Superbe recommend to serve with white wine, such as Chablis, Chateaxu Grillet blanc or Côtes du Rhône Blanc.
    Saucisson Halzenut
    Hazelnut saucisson is a typical French produced, made in the Savoie region. It can be consumed during every season.
    Entire hazelnuts are incorporated into the mixture before the sausage is embossed. When drying, the hazelnuts release its aromas and add a special touch to the product and an extra crunchiness.
    It is common in France to pair regional dishes with wine from the same region, to match hazelnut saucisson, we recommend a rather “yound” and dry red wine from Bugey Savoie, Ariège, Coteaux de Ain rouge, or any red wine from Allobroges.
    Saucisson Traditionnelle 
    Just like the hazelnut version, the traditional saucisson (charcuterie) produced in the same region, is made from porc, which is seasoned in many ways according to local, regional or national traditions.
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